Starting Rock - Don't Go (feat. Diva Avari)

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Starting Rock - Don't Go (feat. Diva Avari) was added to the Free2Music database on January 26, 2019. Published the day it was watched 538 times since. Other information about free music is below.

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Starting Rock


Don't Go - EP

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Don't Go (feat. Diva Avari)






Oh baby make your mind up
Give me what you got
Fix me with your lovin shut the door and turn the lock
Hey go get the doctor
Doctor came too late
Another night I feel alright my love for you can't wait
Can't stop now
Don't you know
I ain't never gonna let you go
Don't go
Came in from the city
Walked into the door
I turned around when I heard the sound of footsteps on the floor
Said he was a killer
Now I know it's true
I'm dead when you walk out the door
Hey babe, I'm hooked on
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