SZA - Go Gina (Audio)

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Go Gina




R&B Soul


Oh, I loves you babe
I loves you a lot
I loves you bae

Picking up a penny with a press-on is
Easier than holding you down
Can't be any harder than holding you up now
To come clean I said
To be real is to be real, no
Probably true what they say about me
Probably came from my inner circle
It usually come from your inner circle
Or lack thereof and I don't know who I can trust
I've been dropping out and
I've been hanging out with my high friends
And we too stoned to pay attention, now
Much too cool for 7th grade

I mean, really it's same me, it's old me
You know? same shit
I've been on the low key
Grinding, grinding, grinding
Learning on the low key, shining
Tryin' to keep to myself
But you bring me out of character
Every time again

Damn Gina, damn Gina
Them jeans, they must be uptight mama
You need some get right mama
And go Gina, go Gina
Go get that get right mama
And go Gina, go Gina
Go do you, get right

I belong to nobody
Hope it don't bother you
You can mind your business
I belong to nobody
Try not to disturb
And mind my business
It works for me, it works for me, no
And go Gina, and go Gina, aye
Oh, no, no, no, no
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