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Gucci Mane


No Pad, No Pencil

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Hella Ones




Hip-Hop Rap


Hella ones, hella ones
Make it rain, thunderstorm
Make it rain, swing your chain
Zaytoven and Gucci Mane
Hella ones, pour a drink
Drink outta bottle, then make it rain
Lets have some fun, got hella ones
Im having fun, got hella ones

Oh my gosh, Im the sun
And the moon, cartoon
Yellow blue, who are you?
And what are those? thats not a rose
You changing clothes, Im changing hoes
Switch up the flow, then write some more
Then drink some more, drink some more
Then smoke, then smoke
You ain't throwin ones shawty
You broke, you broke
Me and Zay, A to the Bay
Fuck what you heard, we smoking purp
We got work, got work
Cheap price, cheap price
Crazy color chains and dont they look nice? look nice?

She got that ass I got that stash
Im throwing cash, gonna get it back
And do it fast, and come back, come back
Cause I never seen a body like that, like that
You remind me of some brand new 95 Air Max
A pound of purp in tracks
Baby girl you doing that
And you killing it, Im feeling it
Pretty chick, you super thick
Dont know what to do with it
Matter fact Im threw with it
This my song, I (ruin?) it
People like how she doing it?
Got a major deal and they pay me all the millions bitch
This my song, I (ruin?) it
People like how she doing it?
Got a major deal, now they just can say Im nigga rich

On the Mars, hella fun
Pop a pill, roll a blunt
Get it down, so you can dance
Im Gucci Mane, Ill be your man
I got a girl, you got a man
I got a room, I got a plan
I got a vette (got a vette) and a hummer
I make it (?) in a summer
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