3 Glizzy ft. Doe Glizzy - We Got Plenty

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3 Glizzy ft. Doe Glizzy - We Got Plenty was added to the Free2Music database on January 15, 2019. Published the day it was watched 211 times since. Other information about free music is below.

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Glizzy Gang

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We Got Plenty






GG murdah

The niggas that I roll with far from friendly, friendly
Lot o automatics, lots of semis
If niggas wanna smoke we got plenty

I smoke for the muhfuckin cherry
Couple automatics, couple semis
Try to sound so a muhfucka hear me
Damn feels like emmy’s
Make his dad disappear like Tim
Saw a nigga, no bitch nigga near me
I know you bitch niggas hear me
In this game we about to make history
Choo - choo
Truth be told I don’t care bout nothing
Couple niggas on the front, ya’ll frontin
Fuck a drive by, walk cross our door
Ride for me, niggas die for nothing
Corvette not saying nothing
And ya’ll niggas always in sumn
Trace that van or nothing
We DC most wanted, got his gang sign
I’mma stunting
All around Jones Town running
Shoot nigga up, perfect timing
Bout to send for the Glock
These niggas dont want it
These niggas don’t want it
All the guns got them coming

Aye, you fucking with my brothers
Point guns right where your face at
Kill my Glizzy homie you better know I’m gon’ spray that
A lot of fucking shells I know you nigas can’t take that
A lot of damn pistols
Some Glizzy’s and couple compacts
Ride for my brothers bitch niggas no matter what
Murda give me the word cause you know I get it done
Bitch nigga I shoot for real
WHile you stay, just shoot for fun
Do you know I had a chopper and my best friend had a drum
Give him to test it, I shoot at him and his rivals
They pull up in a suite, I hit at them and they leave
Got one hundred in the south. Killing is next to sleep
Man these niggas is pussies
Man they don’t really want beef

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