L.A. Salami - I Wear This Because Life Is War! | A COLORS SHOW

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L.A. Salami


Dancing With Bad Grammar

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I Wear This Because Life Is War!




Blues Folk Rock World Country


They left me in this battle field
where the sunlight cut my eyes.
I brave the fray but I was afraid
when my best friend's mother died.
I was raised an honest man
but taught an honest man must learn to lie.

And this road was built by honest men
who honest lived and honest died.

My darling put a spear in me,
from my blind side, through my back.
She really made a fool of me
but the fool in me just wants her back.
But foolish men are first to find
that fooling fools ain't fooling facts.

And this road was built by foolish men
who fought like fools for the things they lack.

I keeps my pistol off the safety catch
and a crowbar in my jeans.
The devil tells me to "look alive"
so I keeps an apple on each sleeve.
I'm miles away from that shining light
but I know that's where I ought to be.

And this road was built by shining lights
but any chances lit is a chance to leave.

I scheme a mile a minute darling,
you seem to run a mile a man.
I'm done with all this dodging darling,
I do the best with what I can.
But these penniless predicaments
are just more than a man can stand.

And this road was built from nothing
but a hard idea and heavy hands.

I'm plagued by empty pockets pally,
empty heads and empty eyes.
They salute my growling stomach
'cause they're hungry for what's on my mind.
But thoughtful men are first to find
that thinking free don't mean you're fine.

And this road was built by thoughtful men
who though like fools of the things they'd find.
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