Jhené Aiko - Space jam

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Jhené Aiko


Sailing Soul(s)

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Space Jam




Pop Funk/Soul Hip-Hop


I met him in outer space
He asked me what I was doing there
Cause I looked out of place
I told him where I come from
I don't wanna go back
He said compared to where he's from
It can't be that bad
And i said "yeah, well...."
I asked him if I could go away with him
Pack all my bags and just run away with him
And he said

We come from two different worlds, girl
You're just an Earth girl
You could never understand the type of man I am

He told me where he comes from
That everyone has a gun they're always at war
I told him where I reside
My brother is dying
There is no cure
I got a baby to feed
I barely can eat
I'm chasing a dream
He told me he could relate
He’s doing the same
And that's when I said

Let's get lost in our world
Start our own world
Start our own world
Lost in a world
Start our own world

We come from two different worlds but
There's only one love
That could make things easie
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