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MOONZz - Every Every was added to the Free2Music database on October 26, 2018. Published the day it was watched 405 times since. Other information about free music is below.

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Every Every






Voices in my head scream so loud
Never know what they talkin' about
Now I’ve got you under my skin
I feel us melting
You got my body feeling things even I can’t resist
No, I can’t resist (I can’t resist)

You see me in a different way, I
Didn’t think my heart would let me stay, I
I can’t believe I’m saying this
It's scary
You see me in a different way, I
My my love for you is every day
Count my blessings and I sing my praise
You’re my ever, ever

Used to be afraid, you made me spill
Don’t you know you make me nervous as hell?
Always been afraid of letting go
You cut me open
Told me you saw a side of me even I didn’t know
Hell, you made it known
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