600Breezy - Bazerrk (WSHH Exclusive)

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First Forty-8 - EP

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Hip-Hop Rap


I say, this shit sound berserk
This shit sound berserk, nigga
I say, this shit sound berserk
I say, this shit sound berserk
I say I make so many dollars, I ain't gotta have no sense
Niggas think they seen a ghost cause I'm back out here on the 6
Chopper right here on my side, I think it stand about 5'6
It's just me, Nutso, and Forch, they pulled up on me with 5 sticks
We don't ride in no fishbowl cause everything gotta have tint
Cause per person there's a pole and we be smoking out the zip
3 years old, your momma's salary, I dropped it on my wrist
I'm extravagant unlike you, I spent 3 bands on all my kicks
Open tops just like a zit, .40 got a lot of kick
Out in California, Vegas, I take the tops off all my whips
Niggas sharing hotel rooms, ain't got no guap to get a crib
Your bitch just saw me in the club, she was drooling, get her a beer
Like a weave, these clips extend
Hollows break your fuckin' rib
You wore that shirt so many times, it's out of whack, it's lookin' thin
Baby mommas hate my guts, but yeah I still take care of my kids
They disrespect me on the net, I split her boyfriend's fuckin' wig
You can smell me, I'm the shit
Out of a jail, I'm kind of thick
A nigga working with the police, he look just like Porky Pig
There's a couple hoes who pussy I'll never ever lick
But name a bitch who ever seen me with that dick and let me hit
Baby, I'm just saying
Breezo, bitch I got them bands
He ain't really got no money, girl, that nigga was just playing
Need some flavor cause you bland, burner on me, give a tan
Release Hoodo, he move grams
I'm dressed up, real spic and span

Bitch, I go berserk
Bitch, I go berserk
I say, this shit sound berserk
I say, this shit sound berserk

I got 3 plugs that's out in Cali, and you still be smoking dirt
I'm too rich to kill a nigga, so my homie put in work
I'm with 90, he a trapper, he just pulled up with the work
If y'all wanna act like bitches, we'll come pull up your skirt
This shit sound berserk, AR flip a fuckin' vert
Gas the whip up just to skrrt
Vision blurred, I'm off a perc
Got more money than your father, when you see me call me sir
Got my hands all on your bitch, I'm 'bout to make that pussy purr
Baby girl, come here
For this dick, you must prepare
She in love, look at her stare
Gripping ass and pulling hair
Off these pills, this shit not fair
My head back, I'm in the air
I'd eat pussy through the hair
Chew that thing up just like "grrr"
I am just a dog, no I do not care at all
She made me go grab some condoms, but I still slid in it raw
Brush my back up with your crawls
Like Lil Lonzo, I just ball
Smoking thoink in foreign cars
Killing tracks, this shit is law
I be with the shits, your girlfriend be on my dick
Niggas hate me like I'm Chris, I don't know that you exist
Diamonds on my neck and fist, make these mothafuckers sick
And I make so many dollars, I ain't gotta have no sense

This shit go berserk
I say, this shit sound berserk
I say, this shit sound berserk
I say, Breezo go berserk
(Breezo go berserk, bitch I'm back out here)
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