NF - Face It (Audio)

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Face It




Hip-Hop Rap


Yeah, I ain't sleeping lately
I ain't sleeping lately
Yes I know that I'm the only person that can change me
Maybe, that's why I ain't changing
That's why I ain't changing
I got too much on my mind I guess I don't know how to face it

I just don't know how to face it
I don't know how to face it, yeah
I don't know how to face it
I don't know how to face it
I don't know how to face it, how to face it

Don't know how to face it
Let's go back to basics
Yes say what you mean, do what you say, but man I hate this
I just don't know what I'm chasing, don't know what I'm chasing
Yes, somebody told me
Life is something you don't wanna play with
But I just keep on playing like life is just a playground
I go through this mood swings
Watch everything slide down
I look at myself and I ask me what the goal is
Yeah tell me what your goal is
I'm just so lost in emotions, I don't even notice
I just slipping to a place and I don't think straight
Devil in my ear tryna tell me everything's great
And in a year I realize I'm in the same place
Running in the same race same pace

Don't know how to face it
Let's go back to basics
Think about the words you 'bout say before you say it
Sin is bittersweet I taste it, bittersweet I taste it
Get that sickness out my mouth
I feel like my train is derailing
I can feel it
Yo these words are only words until they actions
Words until they actions strive on empty satisfactions
Yeah the fact is I don't know, fact is I don't know
Yeah I get on these stages say that I put on a show
But yeah that show it don't mean nothing
If I don't live my lyrics, if they don't feel the spirit in my songs
Then they don't hear it
Homie yeah that don't mean nothing
This ain't all about appearance
Everything starts with the man in the mirror.
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