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Slime Flu 3

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Off Hiatus




Hip-Hop Rap


Not even they can stop me now
we're heavy flying overhead
they heavy words cant bring me down
boy I've been raised from the dead dead dead
Kim cargo with shells in wells fargo
laughing waiting to go cash these withdrawals
my chick bad with class she been sharp tho
name brand whore she worser than marlo
grey charcoal four pipe gallardo
dark low hoodie on like fuck haraldo
for trayvon I'm strapped with napalm
run in the biggest bank like this won't take long
we don't want your money we comin for straight bonds
so stay calm, no off spray will spray off
so bug off or get rubbed off
my chucks soft rugs becaro plush loft
trucks porsche meeting Bugatto with drug lords
discuss sauce, speaking of powder need much more (early)
niggas act when they sign deals
ran to the dealer for the same acura as seinfield
i got a lawyer thats corrupted like klienfield
go to carlitos way its a must that you grind still
trappin back of my mind still
drunk at a table as a make a bottle of wine spill
fresh off my hiatus, hi haters
reckless when i bust a rhyme or violator
only squares you ever bought was now and laters
once you buzzing, the hoes comin, vibrators
American dreams came through somehow
i swore id chase til i was dead
i heard the streets were paved with gold
thats what my father said
corsie off some new shit, made it from breakin two bricks
bosses take losses and workers just make excuses
every verse is exclusive, every word is abusive, pay a third if you used it
get a bird, you can move it, thats what I'm bout nigga
crib on a mountain I'm so far like a couch nigga
crack the g spot give 10% to the house nigga
get on your shit n'other rappers spit, its a drought nigga
louboutin slippers, margiela smoke jacket
niggas don't wanna get money they got a broke habit
gotta toke habit, automatics and low fabric
you had a shot its too late, no basket
the strip dry, need wet work, wrappin that caine second
it was bustin the check first,
the second she fussin, i be under the next skirt
network, flew me to mexico, the connectors
left the presie, took the marina, terrace around the corner can overlook the arena
known to hook up a diva, celine bag on my hena, jeremy her adidas, she living single regina
just remember who your friends and associates,
before you ride out you better know who you rollin with
no need to hide out as long as handled appropriate
ballin like he mike, that .45 you approach em wit
American dreams came through somehow
i swore id chase til i was dead
i heard the streets were paved with gold
thats what my father said
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