Forlorn Seas - The Kingdom Below

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Forlorn Seas

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The Kingdom Below






We, humans, are fragile
We, humans, are so weak
They refused the brighter star, while the night cradled the seeds of the roots growing beneath what death spared
But it still exists through the tunnels of our sphere, hollow mindless brains, glorifying the endless void, still regretting what means to suffer
While those lost souls clapperclaw from the inside to evade, from a prison made of flesh
Time goes on and the echoes of the past, devour slowly
Bunch of bones, carrions wandering in the underworld
The forgotten ones
Hidden from our sights
Desecrating the land we called home
We, inhumans, were fragile
We, inhumans, were so weak
Everlasting intervals in which I try to find myself
I've forgotten what I was
And my face stands no more
May death save me
May death, death save me
Displace this torment, ignore my blaring screams
I'm the keeper of this venom's effect
We earn to exist to feed the nightmares
May death save us
This is not, this is not what I'm meant to be
Where i turn my eyes all I can see is silence
All I want is to go backwards, when the flame burnt brighter
'cause I didn't belong to this reign guided by decay
I'm not part of this
Too many times the schyte spared me from demise
I became a living end, what they call "the lost one"
Hunted as a prey
I miss it all
Misgiving thoughts, searching for a reason to keep going on
Spending whole time trying to blame ourselves
Will not change the reason why we're still here:
Leaving the past behind; this resurgence is what we aim fo
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