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The Weeknd



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R&B Soul


You'll never make me stay
So take your weight off of me
I know your every move
So won't you please let me be
I've been here times before
But I was to blind to see
That you seduce every man
This time you won't seduce me

She's saying that's ok

Hey baby do what you please

I have the stuff the you want

I am the thing that you need
She looked me deep in the eyes

She's touchin' me so to start
She says there's no turnin' back

She trapped me in her heart

Dirty Diana, no
Dirty Diana, no

Dirty Diana, nuuuu ehh

Dirty Diana
Let me be!
Oh no...
Oh no...
Oh no...
Oh no...
She likes the boys in the band
She knows when they come to town
Every musician's fan after the
curtain comes down

She waits at backstage doors
For those who have prestige
Who promise fortune and fame
A life that's so carefree
She's says that's ok
Hey baby do what you want
I'll be your night lovin' thing
I'll be the freak you can taunt
And I don't care what you say
I want to go too far
I'll be your everything
If you make me a star
Dirty Diana, oh oh
Dirty Diana, no
Dirty Diana, oh oh oh
Dirty Diana-ahh
Dirty Diana uhh
Dirty Diana, no
Dirty Diana, nah
Dirty Diana
Let me be...
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
She said I have to go home
Cause I'm real tired you see
But I hate sleppin' alone
Why don't you come with me
I said my baby's at home
She's probably worried time
I didn't call on the phone to
Say that I'm alright
Diana walked up to me
She said I'm all yours tonight
At that I ran to the phone
Sayin' baby I'm alright
I said but unlock the door
'cause I forgot the key
She said he's not coming back
Because he's sleeping with me
Dirty Diana, oh
Dirty Diana, oh
Dirty Diana, oh
Dirty Diana, no o-ohh
Dirty Diana oh
Dirty Diana, no
Dirty Diana, no ah
Dirty Diana,
Let me be...
ohh no
ohh no
ohh no no no
ohh no
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