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Wait On Me






Does anyone know? Anyone know at all?
Where did our good times go
Four years of snow ever since you've been gone we've been a frozen

Oh whoa, credible cold chillin' my soul
Oh dee-oh-doe

Oh no, need you don't go feel so alone
Oh dee-oh-doe
You tell me one day the worlds gon need you and that's might bring you to your knees
Sun is falling, and it's your calling that you're a star but you can see
Don't lose sight there, there's a light there

And I'll be right there when you need
I'm here to save yall, please just pray yall on my way yall
Need you all to just wait on me
I need you to wait on me
Need you to wait on me
Please can you wait on, wait on, wait on me?
I need yall to wait on me
I need you to wait on me
Please can you wait on, wait on

Trying to break the mold here, keep from growing old here
Closet full of jackets yeah it sucks it always snows here
Living rooms are froze here, you can fucking ice skate
And everybody knows here that nobody should go here
Don't come here, it's bad here
I remember last year, never home, shattered phone, breaking hella glass here

Damn that was a fast year, should've got my heart a fuckin' cast year
I'm jumpy cause I'm haunted by past year
And post traumatic past fears
Super duper sad here, wish I went to church now wish I had my gramps here
Really need my dad here, memories of weeks with the lights off
So now I always keep a fucking lamp near
I'm weird but I'm trying man, I'm motherfuckin' trying
I'm tryna get through this verse without me fucking crying
Suck it up, "You gotta be a man gotta take care of your fam"
That's what he was saying right before we died
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