Shy Glizzy - Sh!t Freestyle (Audio)

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Shy Glizzy

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Sh!t Freestyle






Ok let me stop this, nigga you ain't pop shit
Pull up in that new Vette
This that push to start shit
Bitch my name is Marquis, do not call me Marcus
Rappers need to stop it
Im pro tunes you logic
Spiderweb tat on my forehead
Trappin ain't dead till I'm fuckin dead
You an entertainer like fuckin Ced
My niggas on the blue team make you fuckin red
Flew to Mexico for them birdies
Everywhere I go I gotta .30
Shoot a nigga ass Stephen Curry
Funny ass niggas Eddie Murphey
Boy your ass can't even afford a nick
Burning on a song just like a nick
My auntie just asked for a chick
On the first she better have my shit
Hold on...this the plug, let me get a brick
In 30 minutes bet a nigga be on 37 with a fresh motherfuckin 36
Pedro... he like to give me them pesos
Gotta bitch in Puerto Rico, and she like to lick on my Eggo
Aye Aye
Ace of spades, ace of spades only
You ain't got no weight you look bony
These rap niggas so phony, now servin niggas, Im the big homie
Real young nigga from the trenches, bitch I got racks like tennis
A lot of pussies from my city not winning, shawty keep tryna get my attention
And I dont even understand it, whole city hatin on me think they planned it
Two of them niggas tried to hand me, bet I leave his ass where I'm standing... SHIT
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