Shy Glizzy - First 48, Pt. 2

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Shy Glizzy


Quiet Storm

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First 48, Pt. 2




Hip-Hop Rap


Out the window
Me and Gizzle with them dracos, that's not accidental
GG, back on that bullshit

Bitch I'm high as fuck, I just left the club
Tried to put it on some niggas but they had some luck
Bitches pullin' up, smosh go get the truck
Fish a ton up out the thirty, now they gotta duck
Fat dog tried to run it, hangin' out the windows
Me and Gizzle with them dracos, that's not accidental
Bitch I'm monumental, and you not fundamental
Stay surrounded by them shooters, Malcom in the Middle
Bitch you like my swag, bitch come hit this dab
You can't get no cash, better get some ass
They can't get no money, that's why these niggas mad
Oof they lookin' funny, can't go get my bag
Niggas Loony Toony, bitch my life a movie
DF them my goonies, shoutout to Lil Moony
Said you comin' for me, you ain't never do it
Boy you fuckin' stupid, know I keep that uzi
30 30 30, shoot that bitch like Curry
Now we playin' dirty, we ain't never worried
We ain't never worried, Phil pour up that dirty
Told it's emergency, niggas gettin' buried
Patek cost a check, I iced out my neck
Seven figure nigga, how he got the city like that
Take no disrespect, Glizzys on your set (GG)
Boy you better have your dog or they gon' make a mess

You was geekin' too, haha
Bitch I'll shoot a nigga, Goo talkin' 'bout, "shoot that nigga dawg!"
"Shoot that nigga!"

We the fuckin' murder team, come and clear the scene
Sorry if we crush your dreams, Martin Luther King
That KelTec it got a beam, do not intervene
Niggas too high off the lean, they lost they self-esteem
I'm head honcho in my city, I'm the fucking king
Niggas ain't really tryna get busy, what the fuck you mean
I had a semi with a fifty, I was seventeen
Baby come fly high with Glizzy, give you fucking wings
Young street nigga with some money, went and bought some choppers
Young street nigga with some money, I'll knock off your roster
These niggas can't wait to drop a dime, they wanna see us locked up
These niggas ain't really got no time, they some goddamn imposters
You see this bitch with me so fine and she so fuckin' proper
I flew this bitch all the way to DC just to fuckin' pop it
Remember you was fighting them niggas out there, I came through and stopped it
Bitch why is you askin' me about my outfit? you ain't gon' fuckin' cop it
Bitch why is you askin' me am I out here, you a fuckin' watcher?
Bitch cover your eyes, you might get blind here, see these fucking watches?
Little boy go get your own gun, this my fucking rocket
Out in LA hittin' home runs like I'm fucking dodgin'
I don't think you understand, my niggas super wild
All my niggas they been thugging since a juvenile
Out here for a while, remember when they killed Lil Kow
Forever Tre-7, bitch go 'head and take a bow

Forever Tre-7, bitch go 'head and take a bow
Forever Tre-7, bitch forever Tre-7
Bitch forever Tre-7, bitch go 'head and take a bow
Bitch go 'head and take a bow
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