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David Bowie - Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA) (Audio) was added to the Free2Music database on December 18, 2018. Published the day it was watched 728 times since. Other information about free music is below.

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David Bowie


Nothing Has Changed (Deluxe Edition)

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Love Is Lost






It’s the darkest hour, you’re twenty two
The voice of youth, the hour of dread
The darkest hour and your voice is new

Love is lost, lost is love

Your country's new
Your friends are new
Your house and even your eyes are new
Your maid is new and your accent too
But your fear is as old as the world

Say goodbye to the thrills of life
Where love was good, no love was bad
Wave goodbye to the life without pain
Say hello
You’re a beautiful girl

Say hello to the lunatic men
(Say hello, hello)
Tell them your secrets
(Tell them all you know)
They’re like the grave
Oh, what have you done?
Oh, what have you done?
Love is lost, lost is love

You know so much, it’s making you cry
You refuse to talk but you think like mad
You’ve cut out your soul and the face of thought
Oh, what have you done?
Oh, what have you done?

Oh, what have you done?
Oh, what have you done?
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